In the beginning course you learn many natural and fun methods to help you deal with crisis, stress, or anxieties. As you go deeper, you discover ever more practical solutions to daily dilemmas, and watch inner conflicts fade away one by one. We believe that natural meditation is simple: that if you can count to two, you too can learn to meditate.

First we help you discover a beautiful womb-like, weightless healing state. Each moment begins to feel new and precious—like a baby opening its eyes for the first time. Your mind becomes so quiet that your inner voice, your inner strength and guidance, grows stronger and clearer. You may discover your life purpose, slip into states of grace, or simply find a deep, unshakeable inner peace as the mysteries of who you are begin to unfold. You become ever more conscious of the unconscious.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — C.G. Jung

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens." — C.G Jung


  • various meditation postures and why they ultimately do not matter
  • optimum times, length, and places to meditate, and why they ultimately do not matter
  • why you should meditate a bit differently when fully rested versus when tired
  • the impact of diet on concentration and meditation
  • dealing with various emotional states before, during, and after meditation
  • the concepts "diving deep within" and its associated alpha and theta states


  • the ever-beautiful, primordial womb stage of waking up within meditation
  • the pitfalls of deep or shallow breathing, and how to transcend breath
  • being ever more effortlessly awake while the mind becomes ever more rested
  • how to objectively monitor how deeply you are meditating
  • how to see internal discord as self-correcting creative impulses
  • walking, sleeping, bathtub, and every moment meditations

Outline and Requirements

  • this is a 4 Week course taught mainly by videos and mp3 meditations that can be viewed or listened to anytime
  • students are encouraged to write weekly summaries of difficulties, insights, and breakthroughs
  • after Week 4, students who write summaries can request a free 20 minute consultation with the teacher to help overcome challenges in meditation and life
  • only students who earnestly apply themselves will be eligible to enroll in more advanced classes

Dates and Costs

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Are you a poor but aspiring Meditation Teacher? Submit a short Youtube Video, plus a brief biography explaining why you would like to become a Meditation Teacher. We may then create a campaign so others can donate directly to your tuition. Preferences will be given to students living in Third World nations.

Assistant Teacher

KenKen's interest in meditation began at a very young child through recurring lucid dreams. He found himself consciously teaching how to effortlessly wake up to ever more joy, wisdom, and peace. Since then, Ken has had a series of unusual experiences that have deepened his understanding of these basic questions.

Ken does not see himself as a teacher, but as an assitant teacher to help others find their own truly inspired answers within. He feels that the best classroom is life itself, so he discourages too much meditation or isolation. He also emphasizes being extremely gentle and patient with oneself while learning meditation to avoid substituting one inner conflict for another.

"The Music of Life, also known as the Water of Life, is the elixir of immortality that everyone is seeking whether they are realize it or not. It is a blissful current of ever more understanding and grace that is our truest friend and teacher. Tuning into this current is a simple and natural science, and can be enjoyed by anyone of any age. Only innocense or earnestness is required.” — Ken